We help balance the grid by providing true long-duration energy storage

Growing demand, changing consumption, increasing intermittency: the energy market is under pressure. The world needs an affordable, scalable solution that can store energy for many hours – even days.

Highview Power has the missing piece of the puzzle. Take a look at what we do.

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The definitive solution for energy storage

Our liquid air energy storage solution can power up to 200,000 homes for a whole day. We do this at half the cost of lithium-ion batteries and release zero emissions in the process.

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Experience, expertise and excellence

We are the industry leader in deploying this technology and we have the experience of building and running our own plants in the UK. With our global engineering partners, we support our customers from scoping and planning through to build and operation.

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A proven industrial process

Our proprietary technology is based on the principle of air liquefaction. This enables the easy storage of air as a liquid providing high-density storage. At the point of need, we convert the liquid back to a gas, generating energy that powers our turbines and produces electricity.

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  • NEWS / 12 DECEMBER 2018

    Highview Power Builds Energy Dream Team to Drive Global Development of its Liquid Air Energy Storage Solution

  • NEWS / 11 DECEMBER 2018

    Highview Power’s Liquid Air Energy Storage Named Technology of the Year by BusinessGreen Magazine

  • NEWS / 03 DECEMBER 2018

    Highview Power Finalist for S&P Global Platts Global Energy Awards

  • NEWS / 29 NOVEMBER 2018

    Highview Power Wins Regen Green Energy Award

  • NEWS / 31 OCTOBER 2018

    Highview Power Shortlisted for 2018 Green Energy and IET Innovation Awards

  • NEWS / 01 OCTOBER 2018

    Former Senior US Government Official David Sandalow Named Highview Power’s US Chairman

  • NEWS / 26 July 2018

    Highview Power a Finalist for Utility-Scale Storage Project of the Year

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