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NEWS / 17 MAY 2018

Highview Power Nominated as a Finalist for Renewable Energy Award

Highview Power has been nominated as a finalist for Renewable Energy Project of the Year...

  • News / 6th Mar 2018
    Energy Executive Carl Sheldon Strengthens Highview Power in North America
  • News / 21st Feb 2018
    Highview Power and SNC-Lavalin Announce Collaboration to Deploy Liquid Air Energy Storage
  • News / 11th Jan 2018
    Colin Roy Appointed Chairman of Highview Power
  • News / 5-7 DEC 2017
    Highview Power appoints Colin Roy as Executive Chairman
  • News / 11th Oct 2017
    Highview leads the way in LAES for frequency response market using Siemens advanced technology
  • News / 1st Aug 2017
    Highview awarded £1.5 million for new Hybrid LAES system to respond to frequency response market
  • News / 12th Jan 2017
    Highview Power Storage joins innovative cleantech New York City based incubator at NYU’s Urban Future Lab
  • News / 9th June 2016
    Liquid Air Energy Storage Animation Explains How to Store Energy the Clean and Cool Way
  • News / 19th Aug 2015
    Highview’s 5MW Liquid Air Energy Storage Demonstrator Starting Operations This Winter
  • News / 14th May 2015
    Frost & Sullivan Applauds Highview Power’s Technological Expertise
  • News / 5th Dec 2014
    Highview signs licence deal with US power company Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc.
  • News / 10th Jul 2014
    Highview Sponsors Research Chair at New £6million Cryogenic Energy Storage Centre